Q3E In-Ear Wireless Earphones with Microphone



Freedom from wires

 Amazing clarity
⦁ Highs that are clear and vibrant that so you can hear each instrument distinctly
⦁ Smooth and natural vocals
⦁ Powerful but precise bass, with no hint of boominess
⦁ Perfectly balanced high, low and mid-frequency sounds
Discreet and stylish, Q3Es are made of premium materials and offer advanced features to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle.
 Receive and make crystal clear phone calls with the touch of a button
⦁ Excellent noise isolation lets you enjoy your music in peace, even amidst chaos
⦁ A sweat proof, water resistant, comfortable design for your active lifestyle with a unique 'Que Lock' mechanism for a secure fit
⦁ Long battery life and a convenient micro-USB charging port
⦁ Q3E earphones come with small/medium/large ear tips in an attractive carrying case
Whether you enjoy classical or heavy metal, jazz or rock, the Q3E will bring your favorite music alive and you'll hear stunning detail you may have missed before.