About Us


Que Acoustics began with a simple attempt at purchasing a good pair of headphones to use with various smart phones, including some that no longer have a dedicated headphone jack. To obtain a decent set at a reasonable price turned out to be not as simple as one would imagine. First, most cheap headphones were eliminated from consideration because they exhibited poor Bluetooth performance and unacceptable audio quality. Also pervasive is mediocre sound quality in almost all mid-priced and even some expensive models. Many headphones lack deep bass or have a heavy, artificial sound. Others lack clarity and produce a 'muddy' sound. With the recent advances in Bluetooth technology and with decades of audio engineering to rely on, today's wireless headsets can, and should, provide outstanding sound without costing an arm and a leg.


Que Acoustics was born to bring high fidelity sound to wireless earphones and headphones. Que products are a unique blend of beautiful design, premium materials and great sound. Que-Sound is designed to satisfy the most demanding listener by incorporating a number of characteristics prized by audiophiles

⦁ Amazing clarity
Highs that are clear and vibrant that so you can hear each instrument distinctly
Smooth and natural vocals
Powerful but precise bass, with no hint of boominess
Perfectly balanced high, low and mid-frequency sounds


An emphasis on great sound does not mean we compromise in any other way. Q3Es are beautifully made of premium materials and are discreet but stylish. Their advanced features are designed with comfort and convenience in mind to fit easily into your active lifestyle.

⦁ Receive and make crystal clear phone calls with the touch of a button
Excellent noise isolation lets you enjoy your music in peace, even amidst chaos
Designed for your active lifestyle - sweat proof, water resistant, unique secure fit
Long battery life and a convenient micro-USB charging port
Q3Es come with small/medium/large ear tips in an attractive carrying case

Whether you enjoy classical or heavy metal, jazz or rock, the Q3E will bring your favorite music alive and you'll hear stunning detail you may have missed before.